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Magnetic Field Block Coat

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Magnetic Field Block Coats, also known as Icy Areas or Slip Zones, are recurring obstacles in the F-Zero series. They make it hard for machines to get a grip on the track, making steering difficult, making it likely a pilot will crash into an obstacle or fall off course. In some instances, it makes steering easier for heavier machines that have a very large turning radius. Lighter machines make steering super sensitive.

In F-Zero[edit]

FZ Slip Zone.png

In F-Zero X[edit]

FZX Slip Zone.png

In F-Zero: Maximum Velocity[edit]

FZMV Slip Zone.png

In F-Zero GX[edit]

FZGX Slip Zone.png

In F-Zero: GP Legend[edit]

FZGPL Slip Zone.png

In F-Zero Climax[edit]

FZC Slip Zone.png
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