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Sly Joker

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Sly Joker Logo.png
Sly joker.jpg
Vehicle information
Pilot Lord Cyber
Vehicle statistics
Max Normal Speed 436 km/h
Max Boost Speed 591 km/h
Boost Time 3 sec.
Strength 75/100
Turn Performance C
Turn Balance A
The Sly Joker's pickup graph

The Sly Joker (known as the Dirty Joker in Japan) is Lord Cyber's machine from F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. It is a dark navy blue car with two sizable engines in the back with slight camo, pumps running into the hood and stability pieces connected in the front, two small headlights and two big turning fins with Lord Cyber's logo on the outer side of the fins. It's speed, acceleration, body and turning are all average with powerful stability and a very powerful boost but suffers from the shortest boost time at three seconds. Despite the boost duration, it has a unique trait of the slowest deceleration from any speed enhancing techniques whether it's a Boost, boost pad, explosive or another machine bumping into the rear.

Unlock Criteria

  • Beat Standard Class on Pawn, Knight, and Bishop.
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