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Anti-Gravity Guide Beam

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Anti-Gravity Guide Beams[1] are a track feature that keep machines on the track, but at the cost of reducing their energy and speed. If a machine grazes one, they lose energy and speed for as long as they are touching it, but if they bump into the edge, they will ricochet and lose control in addition to power and speed loss. They can be jumped over with Jump Plates, so the pilot has to take great care while airborne, or else they can retire by falling off course. They come in many different colors to match the venue they reside. There could also be patches of Anti-Gravity Guide Beams, like in White Land II, Fire Field, and Port Town: Half Dome, which the pilot can cut through. In the Game Boy Advance games, the Anti-Gravity Guide Beams flash.

In F-Zero X and F-Zero GX, they take on an appearance to that of guard rails, but Mute City is the only venue that takes on the style of Anti-Gravity Guide Beams. Going through tunnels and segments of track with high walled versions also exist. There are segments of track that do not have guard rails, or allow the machine to leap off the track unassisted by jump plates, to keep racers on the track. Some venues, such as Illusion, lack Anti-Gravity Guide Beams entirely.

Interestingly, the Anti-Gravity Guide Beams will force racers toward the direction of the race's flow when run into, even if the racer runs into the wall when driving the course backwards.