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Mighty Hurricane

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Mighty Hurricane
Mighty Hurricane.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Roger Buster
Number 28
Creator Team Shooting Star
Engine SS-D701x1
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1780kg
Body E
Boost B
Grip B

The Mighty Hurricane is Roger Buster's F-Zero racing machine. The machine originally belonged to one of the racing teams that dissolved after the big accident four years ago when the Grand Prix was discontinued for a time. Oddly enough, every member of that team has since been reported as missing. The machine itself is has strong boost and gripping ability, but its lack of a strong body requires Roger Buster to avoid frequent contact with other machines.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Mighty Hurricane becomes available after earning nine X's in Grand Prix races alongside the Little Wyvern, Death Anchor, Wild Boar, King Meteor and Super Piranha. It is available to use in four colors: Teal (default), red, blue, and yellow.

F-Zero GX

The Mighty Hurricane is available to use in four colors: Blue (default), purple, green, and orange.

Mighty Hurricane.png Mighty Hurricane
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Team Shooting Star SS-D701x1 1780 kg
It's said that this machine was the product of one of the racing teams that was forced to dissolve four years ago when the F-Zero Grand Prix races were discontinued. Strangely, every single member of that racing team is currently missing. The boost and grip capabilities of the Mighty Hurricane are relatively high, but there are some faults with its body strength. Since it has weaknesses like any lightweight machine, it requires a pilot with excellent control skills who is able to avoid frequent contact with other machines.

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Mighty Hurricane becomes available after clearing the platinum cup on novice or higher. It's rather slow to accelerate but is quite fast and corners decently.

F-Zero Climax

The Mighty Hurricane becomes available after winning the gold cup on novice overall.

Design and namesake


The Mighty Hurricane is a large and optimally designed vehicle. In the center is the main body that contains a long, thin nose with a cooling vent on the tip and a wide rear that houses the lone engine. In the middle of it is the cockpit. Off to the sides are rectangular arms that are just slightly shorter the main frame's length that have vents on both ends. The arms are connected close to the rear with cooling vents on the front of the connectors. The machine is colored cyan with yellow stripes on the arms.


The Mighty Hurricane is comprised of the words mighty, meaning very powerful and hurricane, a tropical storm that occurs in the Atlantic Ocean.


The Mighty Hurricane's name isn't really meant to reflected on its design. The mighty aspect is meant to reflect upon the vehicle's great performances.

Differences between games

The big change made to the Mighty Hurricane was during its transition from F-Zero X to F-Zero GX where the arms got thicker and gained black areas near the connectors and the machine's color changed from a darker blue.


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