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Hyper Speeder

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Hyper Speeder
Hyper Speeder.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Beastman
Number 18
Creator Unknown, modified by Dr. Clash
Engine FGS-G105Sx3
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1460 kg
Body C
Boost C
Grip A

The Hyper Speeder is Beastman's racing machine since F-Zero X. During one of Beastman's exterminations of alien creatures, he came across this wrecked machine in the jungle, gunned down from an interplanetary war. Taking it to Dr. Clash, Beastman had it fixed up and repurposed for racing. The Hyper Speeder has a strong grip with average body and boost.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Hyper Speeder becomes available after earning twelve X's in Grand Prix races alongside the Space Angler, Mighty Typhoon, Green Panther, Black Bull and Sonic Phantom. It is available to use in four colors: Light green (default), white, red, and dark green.

F-Zero GX

The Hyper Speeder is available to use in four colors: Green (default), yellow, blue, and red.

Hyper Speeder.png Hyper Speeder
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Unknown, modified by Dr. Clash FGS-G105Sx3 1460 kg
When Beastman was exterminating alien beasts in the jungle, he stumble across the wreckage of a fighter craft that had been gunned down a long time ago during an interplanetary war. Beastman took the wreck to Doctor Clash and had him economically remodel it into an F-Zero machine. Unlike Doctor Clash's machine, which has extremely weak grip capabilities, the Hyper Speeder was redesigned with top-class grip performance in mind.

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Hyper Speeder becomes available after maxing out Zoda's cash in story mode at $255,000,000. It's very slow to accelerate but has a fast top speed an decent turning.

F-Zero Climax

The Hyper Speeder becomes available after winning the silver cup on expert overall.

Design and namesake


The Hyper Speeder's design is meant to be based on a fighter jet, namely, an F-15 Eagle. It has a pointed cylindrical nose with nose art resembling a mouth and eyes that connects to a rectangular backend with cooling vents on the wings, both of which are dark green. Where the two components meet is where the cockpit is, connecting to a yellow cover. At the very back are three green fins with yellow details and the engines arranged horizontally.


The Hyper Speeder combines the words hyper, the shortened term for hyperactive and speeder, a general sci-fi term to describe a fast moving hover vehicle.


Both aspects of Hyper Speeder's name relate to its performances of being an exceptionally fast vehicle.

Differences between games

In F-Zero X, the Hyper Speeder's green was a very dark and neutral green. The changes made in F-Zero GX were abundant. The tip of the nose became dark gray, two additional air intakes were added off to the sides of the cockpit with red printing, the backend became more trapezoidal, the cockpit changed from the generic design of X to a more common fighter jet design, and 26 red stars can be seen on both sides of the yellow cover. The Game Boy Advance games changed the Hyper Speeder to a blue color, replaced the gray tip and nose art with a yellow stripe, made the fin details red, and changed the cockpit to a triple pane canopy.



  • In the interview "A message for all your TV fans out there?" from F-Zero TV, Beastman said that he would be after an animal at 2,000 kilometers per hour.
    • Realistically, this speed is impossible to reach with the Hyper Speeder without Dash Zones and/or nose diving.
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