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Records are a collection of various types of data found in the various F-Zero games. To date, all games in the series have featured a records submenu of some sort, recording various data relating to the player's performance in races.

In F-Zero

Records debuted in F-Zero, with the game recording the top ten fastest finishes a player had accomplished for every track in the game, alongside what vehicle had been used to record such a time. The single fastest lap is also separately listed for each course, along with what vehicle had accomplished this feat.

Times are recorded from both Grand Prix and Practice modes. Times achieved while competing in the Grand Prix will be displayed with a pink outline whereas times from Practice will be blue.

In F-Zero X

In F-Zero X, records were slightly scaled back, only recording times for the new Time Attack mode. Furthermore, only the top 5 fastest times were recorded. Like in F-Zero, the top records are sorted by the quickest runthrough of the track, alongside which vehicle accomplished each feat. The fastest single lap is also listed, though the game does not list which vehicle accomplished this. F-Zero X, however, did include a record for what the highest velocity on the track was, alongside which vehicle accomplished it; furthermore, with the addition of Engine Settings, each recorded time features what the selected engine settings were for each run.

As to reference the addition of ghosts to F-Zero X, a record that has a saved ghost will be highlighted as such.

In F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

Records were referred to as "Rankings" in Maximum Velocity. Records featured the top 5 times for each unlocked track, calculated from both Grand Prix and Training modes, as well as the individual racers for each playthrough. The single fastest lap is also recorded, alongside which vehicle had accomplished this feat.

In addition to the standard series featured in Maximum Velocity, a separate ranking is also available for the Championship mode.

Maximum Velocity notably divides records between the player's records and records from mixed play; the former only lists the player's best performances on that save file, while mixed rankings includes records from any other players that the player has linked their Game Boy Advance to via a Link Cable.

In F-Zero GX

F-Zero GX's records again solely focused on Time Attack mode, though more data has been included compared to previous games. The number of top records has been increased to 10, and the player can select between seeing the top ten fastest times, top ten fastest laps, and top ten fastest speeds, alongside either the name of the pilot or vehicle and the engine setting for each record.

In F-Zero GP Legend

A dedicated records menu was not featured in F-Zero: GP Legend, and instead, records are accessed in the game's Time Attack mode. Like Maximum Velocity, the top five overall fastest times are recorded, as are the racers used to accomplish the feat; the single fastest lap is also recorded, but not the vehicle used.

In F-Zero Climax

Like GP Legend, records were again rolled into the Time Attack mode. Climax features the most concise records in the series, recording only the top three fastest times for each track and the respective vehicles used, alongside the fastest lap attained.