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Phantom Road

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Phantom Road
Phantomroad01 l.jpg
Phantom Road as seen in F-Zero GX
General information
Track listing
F-Zero GX / AX Slim-Line Slits

Phantom Road is an area covered in mysterious secrets. Rumors say that it's actually a black hole, explaining the odd behavior of the track. Other rumors say that the track is completely computer generated, or a track in cyber space.

It is similar to Illusion from F-Zero Climax.

Appearance in the games

Slim-Line Slits

Slim-Line Slits

Phantom Road appears in F-Zero GX. Slim-line Slits is the final course in the Diamond Cup and is a very tricky course. The course is about 13220 meters long and features many areas in which incautious drivers can fling themselves off the track.

Finale: Enter the Creators

FZGX Chapter 9.png

Although never explicitly stated, a track from the story is raced. There are no guide rails and many spirals that must be taken with large turns.