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Course Edit

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Course Edit is a mode in F-Zero X Expansion Kit and F-Zero Climax.

F-Zero X Expansion Kit

Editing Sector α - Inverted Loop. Notice the machine near the start.
Test running a sample track

F-Zero X at its core uses a control point system to generate track geometry. This is how the X Cup functions when generating track designs randomly. When the control points are arranged in a certain order in the 3D editor, it generates that shape. It is then up to the player to decide how wide the track is at certain parts, how much twist to apply at each control point (great for creating loop structures, banked turns, or inverted segments), track features (Dash Zone, Traps, etc.), track types (Pipe, Cylinder, etc.), if certain segments have rails, decorative elements (track appearance, buildings, etc.), the world (Mute City, Big Blue, etc.), the music, and the track name.

A machine, when editing, will race around the track to indicate to the player which direction is the correct direction of travel.

During editing, the player has a chance to test run the track by clicking the steering wheel icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. The machine used is always the Blue Falcon, is invincible, and parts of the HUD are missing.

There are limits to the control point system. For example, the player cannot create forks in the road. An example of a fork would be Silence in F-Zero or Casino Palace Double Branches.

F-Zero Climax

Editing Silence Big Hand.

The Track Editor feature was again utilized in F-Zero Climax. The player could create tracks from any planet of their choosing using predesignated pieces. No pieces are unlockable for this mode, and the tracks cannot be as complex as the in-game courses.

This mode also could generate passwords that, when another user with the game put the password into their system, generated the track. Players utilized this to share tracks over the internet.

Default Tracks


FZC Course Edit Pieces.png
  • 1x1
  • 2x2
  • 3x3
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