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Bunny Flash

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Bunny Flash
Bunny Flash
Vehicle information
Pilot Lily Flyer
Number 37
Creator Manticore Engineering Firm
Engine FGS-A007Mx2
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1414 kg
Body D
Boost B
Grip A
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The Bunny Flash is Lily Flyer's racing machine. It is designed to be the leading warship with advanced armor and cannon capabilities. The ship was given to Lily when she entered the F-Zero Grand Prix to improve her training. The Bunny Flash has a strong grip and an above-average boost, but a below-average body.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero GX / AX

In F-Zero AX, Lily Flyer and the Bunny Flash are available from the start. In F-Zero GX, they become available for purchase after the player has cleared chapter 8 in Story mode on Very Hard difficulty. The Bunny Flash is available to use in four colors: Pink (default), yellow, blue, and green.

Bunny Flash.png Bunny Flash
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Manticore Engineering Firm FGS-A007Mx2 1414kg
The Bunny Flash is the leading next-generation land warship. Its bulky armor and cannon weapons are offset by a cute, round shell that hardly suits a ship of its power. The Bunny Flash has advanced grip and boost capabilities that enable it to corner cavalry forces during actual combat.


  • The weight of the Bunny Flash being 1414 kilograms is a reference to Lily Flyer's age of 14 years old.
  • The Bunny Flash is the only animal-named machine where the animal word is the first in the name.


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Bunny Flash
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