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Crazy Bear

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Crazy Bear
Crazy Bear
Crazy Bear
Vehicle information
Pilot Dr. Clash
Number 29
Creator Dr. Clash
Engine CL05-S16x3 (4 in the Game Boy Advance games)
Vehicle statistics
Weight 2220 kg
Body A
Boost B
Grip E

The Crazy Bear is Dr. Clash's personally built F-Zero machine. Due to his experiences with the huge crash four years ago, Dr. Clash designed the Crazy Bear with durability in mind. Many of his fans criticize this decision, as it left the machine with few advantageous racing attributes. Although the body is solid and boasts above average boost ability, the machine is incredibly difficult to handle on turns.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Crazy Bear is unlocked by earning three X's through Grand Prix races alongside the Iron Tiger, Deep Claw, Great Star, Big Fang and Mad Wolf. It is available to use in four colors: Yellow (default), light blue, white, and magenta.

F-Zero GX

The Crazy Bear is available to use in four colors: Yellow (default), black, green, and pink.

Crazy Bear.png Crazy Bear
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Dr. Clash CL05-S16x3 2220 kg
Drawing off his experience with the huge crash four years ago, Dr. Clash focused on durability rather than speed in building the Crazy Bear—as a result, it boasts a very sturdy body. Unfortunately, control was somewhat sacrificed in the process, and it is a very difficult machine to handle. Some fans criticize Dr. Clash's decision to forego advantageous racing attributes in order to include such stringent safety standards.

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Crazy Bear is unlocked by completing the platinum cup in standard difficulty or higher. It bears poor acceleration and weaker cornering but has great top speed.

F-Zero Climax

The Crazy Bear is unlocked by completing the gold cup on standard difficulty or higher.

Design and namesake


The Crazy Bear is designed as a big armored block. The top portion is colored a bright yellow with the underside being colored red. Its shape is that of a narrow octagon. The sides on the underside are angled upward and the yellow sides are angled downward. Most of the yellow part of the machine are plates that were welded on to the machine. There are crevasses all over the body. The canopy is situated in the center of the machine and is occupied by a big yellow block right behind it. The engines are arranged in a horizontal fashion in an engine block in the rear.


Crazy Bear is comprised of the words crazy, an adjective to describe something as mentally deranged or another word for enthusiastic and bear, a large omnivorous mammal.


The crazy aspect of Crazy Bear can either relate to the eyes printed on the vehicle in F-Zero X or could relate to Dr. Clash's enthusiasm to the F-Zero sport. As for the bear aspect, it was meant to be reflected on the machine's massive size and high weight as bears are both big and heavy.

Differences between games

In its debut game of F-Zero X, the Crazy Bear had its top portion all solid without any crevasses. At the very front, it had a pair of menacing eyes. Moving on into GX, the eyes were replaced by a seemingly handwritten "Crazy Bear" on the far right. There's a ladder built into the right side of the machine, had a red stripe wrapped around the top of the block behind the canopy and had gray metal sheets situated around the cockpit. When it was introduced in GP Legend, the name of the machine, red stripe, ladder and metal plates were all removed. A cooling vent was placed in the block and jumped from three engines to four.


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