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Ancient Mesa

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Ancient Mesa
FZMV Pit.png
Driving on Split Circuit
General information
Games F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
Track listing
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Ancient Mesa: Split Circuit
Ancient Mesa: Skating Circuit

Ancient Mesa is a cold planet, covered in water and ice with ice forming on tracks, only appearing in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. The planet was discovered long ago, named "Mesa" in hopes of finding a sea there. Once people where able to travel to the planet, the first people named it "Ancient Mesa" in honor of the first person to discover it. The planet is desolate and uninhabitable, and currently in dispute between a resource research group and a nature preservative group.


The following is loosely translated from Ancient Mesa's Japanese profile section[1]:

Shortly after people of ancient times picked up a telescope, they observed the moon and Mars, which stimulated their imagination. A man found a black shadow and named it "Mare", in hopes that "There may be a sea..." Pioneers who first set foot on the planet named it "Ancient Mare", in honor of the one who first discovered the planet. There was no sea on the moon or Mars, but "there may have been in ancient times. The dreams about that continue." No human hands have touched this planet until the construction of the F-ZERO courses. Of course, no one lives here. Currently, there is a controversy between the resource research promotion group and the nature maintenance group.


Ancient Mesa: Split Circuit FZMV Knight 4.png Appears in: F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
Course Order: Knight Series #4
Ancient Mesa: Skating Circuit FZMV Bishop 2.png Appears in: F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
Course Order: Bishop Series #2

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エンシェント マーレィ[1]
enshento mārei
Ancient Mare