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Jet Vermilion

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Jet Vermilion Logo.png
Jet Vermilion.jpg
Jet Vermilion logo.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Professor Yazoo Jr.
Vehicle statistics
Max Normal Speed 456 km/h
Max Boost Speed 602 km/h
Boost Time 4.2 sec.
Strength 100/100
Turn Performance E
Turn Balance B
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The Jet Vermilion's pickup graph

The Jet Vermilion is Professor Yazoo Jr.'s F-Zero machine debuting in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. It is a bulky orange vehicle with four arms in the back, silver legs on the side, four engines and four fins to help it turn. It boasts the best armor in the game with the only boost to break 600 kilometers per hour and has a rather high top speed. The acceleration isn't half as good and cannot make turns effectively. It's pretty stable but still slips at times. The boost is the third shortest in the game beating the Sly Joker and Silver Thunder. It currently holds all of the world record times in F-Zero Maximum Velocity.

Unlock Criteria

Three ways:

  • Beat Master with all machines on all cups.
  • Race Synobazz Championship Circuit 255 times
  • Entering the right password on the Password screen.
Racer #NA
Racer #NA
Jet Vermilion
Racer #NA
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