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F-Zero: The Story of Captain Falcon

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F-Zero: The Story of Captain Falcon is an eight-page comic book featured in the manual of F-Zero. It acted as way of showcasing the futuristic setting of F-Zero's original continuity, as well as introducing the racers featured in the game.


F-Zero: The Story of Captain Falcon centres on Captain Falcon and his actions before a Grand Prix on the Knight League, with a purse worth 20 billion credits. Before the race itself starts, Captain Falcon chooses to nab a bounty on Scale Head. While successfully able to incapacitate the foe, Captain Falcon then finds himself ambushed by Samurai Goroh, who attempts to steal the bounty away from Captain Falcon; Captain Falcon, however, has planned for this potential ambush and is able to have the Falcon Flyer rescue him at that moment, with Samurai Goroh swearing vengeance on Captain Falcon in the upcoming Grand Prix.

Soon after, Captain Falcon returns to Mute City and confronts another target, worth 15 million credits, after successfully fighting off his opponents with little effort. As he captures the bounty, Captain Falcon makes it to the race course just in time, alongside Samurai Goroh, Dr. Stewart, and Pico. Before the race starts, Dr. Stewart taunts Captain Falcon by telling him to stick with bounty hunting, while Pico says he only has interest in destroying as many other racers as he can on the course. The comic ends with the four racers beginning the first race of the Grand Prix after Mr. Zero announces its start.


The following major characters are featured in the comic:

Notably, this would be the debut of all of the above characters, as none of them appear in F-Zero proper. It would not be until F-Zero X that the above characters would finally appear as themselves; in any case, their depictions in the comic widely vary from their later appearances.

Although a number of side characters appear in the comic, such as Captain Falcon's robot assistant, none of them have made any appearances in successive F-Zero media. A stocky robotic racer and a brown-haired man with dark sunglasses, however, have a vague resemblance to Mighty Gazelle and James McCloud respectively, racers who would debut in F-Zero X.



  • The comic is the only piece of F-Zero media to feature the Falcon Flyer.