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FZ Mine.png
Silence in F-Zero
General information
Track listing
F-Zero Silence, Silence II
F-Zero X High Speed, Wavy Road, アウトサイドループ (Outside Loop)
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Open Circuit
F-Zero: GP Legend Box Rink, Honeycomb Rink, Box Rink II, Honeycomb Rink II, Silence
F-Zero Climax Nightmare, Nightmare Fear, Nightmare One, Silence II

Silence is a planet in the F-Zero series, first appearing in the original F-Zero. It is aptly named, due to the fact that nothing on the planet creates any noise. Absolutely no life can be found on this planet. According to the game F-Zero: GP Legend, no living creature calls this place home.

Appearance in the games


Silence appeared in F-Zero as the fifth and final course of the Knight Cup. It is a medium-sized track with a lot of sharp corners, a jump pad and a shortcut filled with mines.

Course Map Cup Track Features
Silence FZ Course Silence.png Knight League #5

BS F-Zero

In the BS F-Zero Grand Prix games, Silence appear twice, the original Silence course from F-Zero and a new version called Silence II, which features a section with ramps replacing walls.

In BS F-Zero Grand Prix, Silence appears as the 4th track of the Knight League, while Silence II appears as the final track of the King League. In BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2, only Silence II appears, as the final track of both the practice version and week 1 of the Satellaview version.

Course Map Cup Track Features
Silence FZ Course Silence.png Knight League (Week 1) #4
Silence II BS Course Silence II.png
BS2 Course Silence II.png
King League (Week 3) #5
Ace League (Practice) #5
Grand Prix 2 Week 1 #5

F-Zero X

Silence appears three times in F-Zero X: High Speed is the second course of the Jack Cup, where it is a simple oval course going in a corkscrew, Wavy Road is a hard course with wavy turns and it is the second course of the King Cup, and Outside Loop is a track that is exclusive to the Expansion Kit with, as the name implies, 2 outside loops and is the first course of the DD-1 cup.

Course Map Cup Track Features
Silence: High Speed X Course Silence High Speed.png Jack Cup #2
Silence 2: Wavy Road X Course Silence 2 Wavy Road.png King Cup #2
Silence 3: Outside Loop EK Course Silence 3 Outside Loop.png DD-1 Cup #1

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

Silence appears in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity as a single track, Open Circuit, which is only accessible in a single pak link. The track itself is very simple, resembling Tightrope Circuit.

Course Map Cup Track Features
Silence: Open Circuit MV Course Silence Open Circuit.png None (Single-Pak Link only)

F-Zero: GP Legend

In F-Zero: GP Legend, Silence features 5 courses. Box Rink appears as the 1st track of the Silver Cup, featuring a series of 45 and 90° turns which can be shortcutted by using ramps on the outside part of the corners. Honeycomb Rink appears as the 2nd track of the Gold Cup and features hexagonal-styled corners with some having split paths. A shortcut path is avaliable by taking a ramp. The Expert versions of these tracks, named Box Rink II and Honeycomb Rink II, feature similar gimmicks, with new paths being added. The Silence course from the original F-Zero makes a comeback as the 3rd course of the Platinum Cup, where despite being scaled shorter, the track is mostly unchanged from its SNES counterpart.

Course Map Cup Track Features
Silence: Box Rink FZGPL Course Silence Box Rink.png Silver Cup #1
Silence: Box Rink II FZGPL Course Silence Box Rink II.png
Silence: Honeycomb Rink FZGPL Course Silence Honeycomb Rink.png Gold Cup #2
Silence: Honeycomb Rink II FZGPL Course Silence Honeycomb Rink II.png
Silence: Silence FZGPL Course Silence.png Platinum Cup #3

F-Zero Climax

F-Zero Climax features 4 Silence courses. Nightmare appears as the final course of the Silver Cup, which features many high speed corners, followed by two 90° corners, a jump and a small split path. Nightmare Fear appear as the 2nd course of the Expert Gold Cup, and only adds a few more corners before the jump. Nightmare One is the final track of the Master Silver Cup, and makes some parts of the track narrower. Silence II, despite sharing its name with the BS Grand Prix course, is a remixed version of the original Silence. Appearing as the 3rd track of the Platinum Cup, it adds a new section that mirrors the beggining section before the 90° turns.

Course Map Cup Track Features
Silence: Nightmare FZC Course Silence Nightmare.png Silver Cup #5
Silence: Nightmare Fear FZC Course Silence Nightmare Fear.png Gold Cup Expert #2
Silence: Nightmare One FZC Course Silence Nightmare One.png Silver Cup Master #5
Silence: Silence II FZC Course Silence II.png Platinum Cup #3

F-Zero 99

Silence returns in F-Zero 99 as the final course of the Knight League Grand Prix. The only way to play the course (besides Practice) is by reaching the end of Grand Prix, as the track is currently unavaliable to appear in the track rotation of F-Zero 99 or any of the other modes.