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Silver Thunder

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Silver Thunder Logo.png
Silver thunder.jpg
Vehicle information
Pilot Blitz Wagner
Creator Dr. Stewart
Vehicle statistics
Max Normal Speed 464 km/h
Max Boost Speed 589 km/h
Boost Time 3.7 sec.
Strength 90/100
Turn Performance D
Turn Balance B
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The Silver Thunder's pickup graph

The Silver Thunder, is Blitz Wagner's F-Zero machine in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. Designed by the now retired Dr. Stewart, it is silver as its name suggests, bears a lightning bolt on the back fin, four engines built onto the side with tubes connecting them to the back, black detailing on the snoot and a cockpit split into two windows. Unlike the Golden Fox designed by his father Kevin Stewart, Dr. Stewart built the Silver Thunder with formidable armor, the fastest top speed on the circuit, weak cornering and slow acceleration while still giving it a slight decrease in stability and the second shortest but really powerful boost beating only the Sly Joker.

Unlock Criteria

  • Beat Standard Class on Queen.
Racer #NA
Racer #NA
Silver Thunder
Racer #NA
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