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Cloud Carpet

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Cloud Carpet
Cloud Carpet Long Jump Circuit.png
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Racing on both circuits
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Track listing
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Long Jump Circuit, Icarus Circuit
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Cloud Carpet (クラウド カーペット; Cloud Carpet) is a planet covered entirely with cotton-white clouds. This dense layer has made the colonies depend on the energy supply provided by optic fiber technology, so the works of building towering cities above the clouds started with the hope that they can get the sunlight as an alternative source of energy. Nevertheless, the Mount Babylon is the only natural thing in the planet to reach enough height to pierce the cloud layer. Astonishing landscapes such a sky-high city and of course, the Mount Babylon are the main features of this track.


Long Jump Circuit

FZMV Pawn 5.png

Icarus Circuit

FZMV Bishop 4.png

Connection With Kid Icarus

The "Icarus Circuit" track is generally looked at as a reference to the video game series, Kid Icarus, due to its name and its setting above clouds.[citation needed]