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Falcon MK-2

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Falcon2 Logo.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Kent Akechi
Vehicle statistics
Max Normal Speed 448 KM/H
Max Boost Speed 573 KM/H
Boost Time 7.2
Strength 66
Turn Performance C
Turn Balance B
The Falcon MK-2's pickup graph

The Falcon MK-2 is Kent Akechi's F-Zero machine in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. As the name implies, it is a redesign of the famed Blue Falcon driven by the now retired Captain Falcon (who Kent claims that he's the son of) with two big engines rather than four BF2003's, solid blue fins rather than red and white striped ones, bigger intake fans and black and white decals on the outer side of the fins. Just like his "father's" variation, Kent's vehicle still maintains the above average stability and average boost strength while bearing average cornering, good acceleration and decent speed. It has a good boost duration lasting seven-and-a-fifth seconds but sacrifices body strength in the process.

Unlock Criteria

  • Beat Master Class on Pawn, Knight, Bishop, or Queen.
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