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White Land

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White Land
White Land in F-Zero.
General information
Track listing
F-Zero White Land I, White Land II
F-Zero X Dangerous Steps, Half Pipe, スター
F-Zero: GP Legend Flower, Flower II, White Land II
F-Zero Climax Wolf, White Wolf, Hornet, Last Wolf, Hornet House, White Land II, Eagle Circuit
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White Land is a very cold planet with constant snow fall.

Appearance in the F-Zero games


In the original F-Zero for the SNES, White Land has two tracks, both are medium-sized tracks with a difficult layout, however White Land 1 is usually considered easier for beginners while White Land 2 is trickier as it requires the player to perform a special jump that can only be done by pushing down on the D-Pad.


F-Zero X

Half Pipe
White Land 3 from the Expansion Kit.

In F-Zero X for the N64, White Land was featured with two tracks (three tracks in the N64DD). The first track, Dangerous Steps, is spent mostly doing jumping tricks and loops, the second track, as its name implies, features a half-pipe and the third track's layout makes it resemble a star on the map, it has many tricky turns, loops and a single jump trick.

F-Zero GX

White Land does not appear in F-Zero GX, however beta material reveals that blueprints for White Land were designed for the game.[citation needed]

F-Zero: GP Legend

In F-Zero GP Legend for the Game Boy Advance, White Land appears with three tracks. Among those three is White Land II from the original F-Zero.

F-Zero Climax

White Wolf
Hornet House
Eagle Circuit from Championship.


  • White Land is the only track with multiple courses where the music is different in each course.