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Magic Seagull

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Magic Seagull.png
Magic Seagull
Vehicle information
Number 34
Creator Milk Do Samshu
Engine NG-B35-HOTx3
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1,330 kg
Body B
Boost A
Grip E
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The Magic Seagull is Spade's racing machine, built by him and his fellow circus performers during their time off. It was built in order to race in the F-Zero Grand Prix to keep their circus running through their financial troubles. The machine is sleek and slender, providing low resistance. However, the machine is rather large, and with its low grip strength, it is a danger to every racer, including Spade. Furthermore, there is nothing resembling a door, so if the machine explodes, Spade would go with it. Though it has a weak grip, it has an above-average body and a strong boost.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

F-Zero GX / AX[edit]

In F-Zero AX, Spade and the Magic Seagull are available from the start. In F-Zero GX, they become available for purchase after the player has cleared all chapters in Story mode on Very Hard difficulty. The Magic Seagull is available to use in four colors: Blue (default), green, pink, and yellow.

Magic Seagull.png Magic Seagull
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Milk Do Samba Unknown 1330kg
Spade and his circus buddies built the Magic Seagull during their time off. The flat, streamlined form provides low wind resistance, allowing the booster to attain full power. Unfortunately, the grip strength is relatively low, and the width of the machine itself makes it quite dangerous. Furthermore, it has nothing resembling a door, and if the machine would explode, Spade would go with it.


  • Despite having a view port, it is not possible to look into the Magic Seagull's cockpit.


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