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Lightning01 l.jpg
Lightning in F-Zero GX
General information
Track listing
F-Zero GX / AX Loop Cross, Half Pipe, Thunder Road
F-Zero: GP Legend Volute, Volute II
F-Zero Climax R Trace, Trust Jump, G Trace, Loss Landing

Lightning is an area where the climate was once calm, but the air pollution a created perpetual lightning zone. This extreme air pollution continues to destroy the ozone layer. Now, the frequent bolts of electricity which hammer down from the sky are harnessed and put to use by innovative power companies. The total power generated in the efficient recycling facilities exceeds 10 million giga-watts. The output is so great, in fact, that Lightning now exports its excess power to neighboring planets.[1]

Appearance in the games

Lightning only appears in F-Zero GX and F-Zero: GP Legend, where it is apparently on the outskirts of Mute City. Loop Cross contains loops and twists but isn't all that hard; though you will find yourself on the ceiling above the finish line. Half Pipe is a very tricky course in which the stage consists of a half-pipe track. Thunder Road is tricky with 90 degree turns. Volute (only in F-Zero GP Legend) has a nasty jump which must be hit at an angle in order to survive it.




  1. Planet & Course (Japanese). Sega. Retrieved on 2007-08-12. “(Translation) The unusual weather due to air pollution, becoming in 26 centuries, had become serious problem. Originally, also this area which is calm climate, was covered in the thick thundercloud with unusual weather, transfigured to thunderbolt occurring frequently zone. The electric power company of each planet which bothers the head in energy problem, that this lightning energy will be utilized, invested enormous fund, constructed the enormous power plant one after another. Entire electric power of the power plant where you complete, 10,000,000 gigawatt the pride being disgusted, now has supplied electric power to the planet of neighborhood.”