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Bianca City

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Bianca City
FZMV Motion Strip.png
Bianca City (Stretch Circuit) as it appears in Maximum Velocity
General information
Track listing
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Stretch Circuit, Tightrope Circuit, Ultimate Circuit

Bianca City (ビアンカ シティー, Bianca City[?]) is a growing city located on Earth in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity for the Game Boy Advance. It is named after the wife of the first mayor and founder of the city. 40 years ago, a large deposit of extremely pure titanium was discovered at Bianca City. As a result, the village became a boomtown overnight. As it grew, it gradually replaced Mute City as the center of economic, political, and cultural activity in the galaxy.[1]


Bianca City features 3 courses in Maximum Velocity, Stretch Circuit, Tightrope Circuit and Ultimate Circuit. Stretch Circuit is the first track of the Pawn Series and the first track of the game. It is a basic circuit with many long radius corners, with a big rough path in the left side of the track that can be used as a shortcut with a boost. Tightrope Circuit is the opening course of the Bishop Series and it doesn't feature any obstacles, but has many high speed corners and chicanes, making it a very tricky course to take at max speed. Ultimate Circuit is the last course of the Bishop Series and the final non-unlockeable course of the game. It has many tricky sections and hairpin turns, including a section where the track narrows itself similar to Mute City III and Mute City 2: Technique. Also, just like the Mute City tracks in F-Zero, each course takes place in a different time of day (With Stretch Circuit taking place at morning, Tightrope at sunset and Ultimate at night).

Course Map Cup Track Features
Bianca City: Stretch Circuit MV Course Bianca City Stretch Circuit.png Pawn Series #1
Bianca City: Tightrope Circuit MV Course Bianca City Tightrope Circuit.png Bishop Series #1 None
Bianca City: Ultimate Circuit MV Course Bianca City Ultimate Circuit.png Bishop Series #5