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Mines are a recurring obstacle in the F-Zero series. Upon being hit, they damage the pilot's machine. After they detonate, they cannot explode again.

In F-Zero[edit]

FZ Mine.png

During the hit, the pilot slows down. After these mines explode, they create patches of rough.

In F-Zero: Maximum Velocity[edit]

FZMV Mine.png

When Mines explode in this game, they create craters instead of rough. Experienced F-Zero players use mines to get a speed boost, but the mines may send the player in another direction and make them hit the rails, causing the player to get behind.

In F-Zero GX[edit]

FZGX Mine.png

These function identically to those found in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, but are visually different. Instead of craters, they leave behind lava.

In F-Zero: GP Legend[edit]

FZGPL Mine.png

They take on the properties from F-Zero: Maximum Velocity.

In F-Zero Climax[edit]

FZC Mine.png

They take on the properties from F-Zero: GP Legend.