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The Stingray

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Stingray Logo.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Alexander O'Neil
Vehicle statistics
Max Normal Speed 460 km/h
Max Boost Speed 525 km/h
Boost Time 12 sec.
Strength 85/100
Turn Performance C
Turn Balance C

The Stingray is Alexander O'Neil's machine in F-Zero Maximum Velocity. It is a green and white machine with a flat portion making up the middle on the vertical view, two engines mounted on top of each other, black vents, giant green fins, a giant all glass canopy and the name of the vehicle printed on the wings albeit lacking "the." It has the second fastest top speed, good armor and the longest boost at twelve seconds. Both it's turning performance and stability are only average and the acceleration is below average while the boost is the slowest in the roster.

The Stingray's pickup graph

Unlock Criteria

  • Beat Expert Class on Pawn, Knight, and Bishop. Also unlocks Queen cup.
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