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Queen Meteor

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Queen Meteor
Queen Meteor.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Mrs. Arrow
Number 21
Creator Professor Hollow
Engine HW305-U2x2
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1140kg
Body E
Boost B
Grip B

The Queen Meteor is Mrs. Arrow's racing machine since F-Zero X. Like with her husband's ship, the King Meteor, her machine was designed by Professor Hollow. The Queen Meteor was designed around a machine Mrs. Arrow used when she was active in F-Zero racing before she married Super Arrow. Both ships share the same stats, above-average boost and grip with weak body, though the Queen Meteor is heavier.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Queen Meteor becomes available after earning six X's in Grand Prix races alongside the Night Thunder, Twin Noritta, Wonder Wasp, Blood Hawk, and Astro Robin. It is available to use in four colors: Maroon (default), blue, black, and green.

F-Zero GX

The Queen Meteor is available to use in four colors: Red (default), black, green, and blue.

Queen Meteor.png Queen Meteor
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Professor Hollow HW305-U2x2 1140kg
The King Meteor and Queen Meteor F-Zero machines were both manufactured by Professor Hollow, the man responsible for making the Arrows' reinforced suits and secret weapons. The design of the Queen Meteor is based on a machine Mrs. Arrow used and loved before she married Super Arrow, back when she was very active in the F-Zero competition. The Queen Meteor was build to be extremely easy for her to control.

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Queen Meteor becomes available after maxing out Samurai Goroh's cash in story mode at $255,000,000. It has an impressive top speed and cornering with high acceleration.

F-Zero Climax

The Queen Meteor becomes available after winning the bronze cup on novice overall.

Design and namesake


The Queen Meteor is designed with a long and narrow nose and a fairly wide back. The nose is pentagonal shaped with an open vent in the front-end. On top of it is an elevated portion with another vent that has an arrow pointing backward. In the middle of the nose is an arrow-pierced heart that says "King & Queen" underneath. The backend contains the cockpit with a cooling vent right above it and two more vents in front of it with two protrusions off to the sides of the cockpit with exhaust vents. In the way back are the engines arranged vertically. The machine is colored maroon with a light-blue underside.


The Queen Meteor combines the words queen, a female monarch and meteor, a space rock.


The queen aspect of Queen Meteor relates to the gender of the driver as well as having to do with Mrs. Arrow being married to Super Arrow while the meteor aspect is reflected on the machine's design resembling a burning meteor that's falling towards a planet's surface.

Differences between games

The Queen Meteor in F-Zero X didn't have the elevated vent on the top of the nose. Starting in F-Zero: GP Legend, the machine changed to pink with white stripes on the bottom and included cooling vents on the protruding sides.

Differences from King Meteor

Compared to the King Meteor, there are protrusions off to the sides of the engines, the arrow is pointing backward, and it has two engines instead of three. Further changes in the Game Boy Advance games include a different coloration and vented protruding sides.


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