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Black Bull

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Black Bull
Black Bull.png
Black Bull
Vehicle information
Pilot Black Shadow
Number 30
Creator BS Group
Engine DS020Hx4 (3 in F-Zero X)
Vehicle statistics
Weight 2340 kg
Body A
Boost E
Grip A

The Black Bull is a machine designed by Black Shadow's own secret organization, the BS Group. The ship is built to be extremely sturdy and withstand a lot of abuse, perfect for Black Shadow's beat-'em-up racing style. It is also a very fast machine, but lacks a powerful boost. The characteristics of the machine make it ideal for adept pilots who can negotiate turns at high speeds and knock out the competition. These same attributes, however, also make the vehicle perfect for inexperienced pilots.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

The Black Bull becomes available after earning twelve X's in Grand Prix races alongside the Space Angler, Mighty Typhoon, Hyper Speeder, Green Panther and Sonic Phantom. It is available to use in four colors: Black (default), indigo, pink, and yellow.

F-Zero GX

The Black Bull is available to use in four colors: Black (default), blue, green, and red.

Black Bull.png Black Bull
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
BS Group DS020Hx4 2340 kg
The Black Bull is an F-Zero machine designed in the secret laboratories of the BS Group, an evil organization commanded by Black Shadow himself. The Black Bull is a machine with advanced functionality—its amazing grip capability and sturdy body construction is perfect for the heinous and inhuman Black Shadow, who gets joy not from passing other racers, but from destroying them. These same characteristics also make the Black Bull perfect for inexperienced drivers.

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Black Bull is unlocked by completing Black Shadow's Story mode. It boasts the highest top speed out of all the vehicles but suffers from the slowest acceleration and worst cornering.

F-Zero Climax

The Black Bull becomes available after winning the platinum cup on standard difficulty or higher overall.

Design and namesake


The Black Bull is the sore thumb among the machine lineup. It's comprised of a primary body with a suspended cockpit. The primary body has a shallow middle with the sides rising above the center. At the front ends of the sides are sharp silver tips. Red colored cooling vents protrude out the sides of the very back of the machine. The engines are arranged horizontally in a grey engine block. Around the vent areas is a construct that suspends the control pod above the rest of the vehicle. Right behind the canopy are two wings to maintain stability. Most of the vehicle is colored black.


The Black Bull is comprised of the words black, an achromatic color and the darkest one and bull, an intact male cattle.


As it can be seen, the Black Bull is colored black. Two aspects of the machine can relate to its bull name; the silver tips can reminisce a bull charging to attack with its horns or the wings in the pod can resemble a bulls head. The performances of the machine can also relate to a bull's aggressive behavior.

Differences between games

The Black Bull's original design in F-Zero X had red dots and arcs on the top of the main body and lacked the silver tips in the front. The pod appeared to lack a visual canopy as it changed colors with alternate coloring. It was most likely an oversight as F-Zero GX onward had a cockpit although the artwork in the F-Zero X manual showed the same issue. GX is also the only game where there are vents in the suspending piece resulting in less drag and more efficient cooling. The Black Bull was driven by three engines in its debut but jumped to four since GX. Most of the time, the Black Bull has all of its engines bundled into an engine block in the rear although in GX, one of the engines was positioned on the pod.



  • Not counting custom machines, the Black Bull is the only machine in the games to have two A stats.
    • It's also the only non-custom machine with an E boost.
  • The Black Bull is the only machine capable of one shotting all the vehicles in F-Zero GP Legend.
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