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FZMV Synobazz Jumping.png
Jumping over the gap on Explosive Circuit
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F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Explosive Circuit, Championship Circuit
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Synobazz (シノバズ; Synobazz) is an area in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. A place shrouded in mystery. This giant marsh is the home of an old aristocratic, enigmatic society. For unknown reasons, cargo ships disappear in this place, where the eerie shine of the marsh begin to rumour a legend of a hidden treasure in the depths.[1]


Explosive Circuit

FZMV Knight 3.png

Championship Circuit

FZMV Synobazz Championship Circuit.png

This track is only accessible in Championship. To unlock this mode, the player must have registered a time on each track, excluding the Queen Cup.[citation needed] When unlocked, the default record time is 1'57"65 set by the Hot Violet. There is a replay of this time, which will show there is room for improvement for a faster track time.