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Mickey Marcus

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Mickey Marcus
Mickey's concept art
Character information
Machine Fire Ball
Age Estimated to be 35[1]
Gender Male
Game Appearance(s) F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
"Fire Ball designer and pilot Mickey Marcus has created a sturdy frame that can take more hits than any machine in the opening field. He’ll always stay in the race."
− Character profile, Nintendo Power Issue 145[2]

Mickey Marcus[2] is the designer and pilot of the Fire Ball[3], and one of the four starting pilots in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. Mickey has blonde hair that is cut in the style of a mullet, blue eyes and wears a G-1 brown leather flight jacket with patches adorning it, most likely as a result from his career as a pilot. Under his jacket is a black top, followed by skinny leather pants with black boots that go over them, and finally a belt with a bright yellow buckle. His helmet possesses the same colour as his machine, with a vertical yellow stripe at the top and a decal of a flaming orange "D" on its side.

Albeit he gives off the appearance of a womanizer, he is actually a feminist and has a passion for speed and beauty.[4][3]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミッキー・マーカス[4][5]
Mikkii Maakasu
Mickey Marcus
French Mickey Marcus[1] Mickey Marcus
German Mickey Marcus[1] Mickey Marcus
Spanish Mickey Marcus[1] Mickey Marcus