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Panzer Emerald

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Panzer Emerald
Panzer Emerald.jpg
Vehicle information
Pilot Lisa Brilliant
Number 33
Creator Toraemon Echigoya
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1900kg
Body A
Boost D
Grip B
F-Zero Climax sprite

The Panzer Emerald is Lisa Brilliant's F-Zero machine, first appearing in F-Zero: GP Legend. It is very similar to Samurai Goroh's machine, the Fire Stingray, but is slightly lighter. It requires some degree of control technique.[1]

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Panzer Emerald becomes available after clearing Lisa Brilliant's story mode. It's slow to accelerate with some fairly weak turning but a fast top speed.

F-Zero Climax

The Panzer Emerald becomes available after clearing the silver cup on novice or higher.

Design and namesake


The Panzer Emerald is designed to be a streamlined, heavy-duty vehicle. In the very front is a narrow, streamlined nose with the cockpit. The back is much wider. Off to the sides are large air catchers with intake fans. On top of the rear is a triangular stabilizer fin. The engines are arranged in an upside-down V shape. The vehicle is primarily colored celadon with red stripes on the nose, intake covers, and fin.


The Panzer Emerald combines the words panzer, a German tank and emerald, a gemstone.


The panzer aspect of Panzer Emerald relates to the vehicle's sturdy build, strong armor, and weak boost whereas the emerald is exaggerated through the machine's slightly crystalline design and color.



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