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Panzer Emerald

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Panzer Emerald
Panzer Emerald.jpg
Vehicle information
Pilot Lisa Brilliant
Number 33
Creator Toraemon Echigoya
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1900kg
Body A
Boost D
Grip B
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F-Zero Climax sprite

The Panzer Emerald is Lisa Brilliant's F-Zero machine, first appearing in F-Zero: GP Legend. It is very similar to Samurai Goroh's machine, the Fire Stingray, but is slightly lighter. It requires some degree of control technique.[1]

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Panzer Emerald becomes available after clearing Lisa Brilliant's story mode. It's slow to accelerate with some fairly weak turning but a fast top speed.

F-Zero Climax

The Panzer Emerald becomes available after clearing the silver cup on novice or higher.


  • The Panzer Emerald is the only machine to be named after a tank and a gemstone.


  1. (2004-9-20) in Nintendo: F-Zero: GP Legend Manual (in English). Nintendo, pp.41. 
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Panzer Emerald
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