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Moon Shadow

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Moon Shadow
Moon Shadow.png
Vehicle information
Pilot Miss Killer
Number 32
Vehicle statistics
Weight 1,110 kg
Body B
Boost C
Grip B

The Moon Shadow is Misaki Haruka's F-Zero machine ever since F-Zero: GP Legend. It is a specially designed machine to help Misaki get revenge on Rick Wheeler through the F-Zero Grand Prix. It was designed with an above average body and grip while bearing an average boost.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero: GP Legend

The Moon Shadow becomes available after clearing the C-Class Zero Test. It has a decent top speed and acceleration with strong cornering.

F-Zero Climax

The Moon Shadow becomes available after clearing the silver cup on expert.


  • The Moon Shadow appears to have four engines but there are only two exhaust trails while accelerating.
  • The Moon Shadow is one of two machines with the word moon in its name, the other being the Spark Moon.
    • Ironically, they are both driven by women and have a B in body and grip and a C in boost.
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