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Empyrean Colony

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Empyrean Colony
FZMV Empyrean Colony Dash Circuit.png
FZMV Twist Plate.png
Racing on the circuits.
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Track listing
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Dash Circuit, Twist Circuit
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Empyrean Colony (ラピュタン コロニー, Rapyutan Koronī[?]) is a big desert that resembles the Sand Ocean track of the original F-Zero. Space colonizers begin to search for a place to fill the 'hollow urban planning', due to the lack of living places and the overgrowing population. Government and real estate companies begin to invest great amounts of money and search a place for experiments. After years of trial and error, a planet was choose to house this project, which is the exit for the dead-end problem of the increasing population.[1]


Dash Circuit

FZMV Pawn 3.png

Twist Circuit

FZMV Queen 3.png