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Mrs. Arrow

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Mrs. Arrow
GX Mrs. Arrow.png
Character information
Machine Queen Meteor
Age 27
Gender Female
Game Appearance(s) F-Zero X
F-Zero GX
F-Zero: GP Legend
F-Zero Climax
Voice F-Zero GX - Donna Burke

Mrs. Arrow (ミセス アロー, Misesu Arō [?]) is a pilot in the F-Zero series. She first appeared in the 1998 game F-Zero X for the Nintendo 64, and has since been a recurring playable character. Outside of video games, Mrs. Arrow appeared in the anime F-Zero: GP Legend.

Mrs. Arrow was born into a wealthy family on Earth, and pursued many activities before becoming an F-Zero racer. She taught her husband, Super Arrow, how to be a pilot, and currently runs the F-Zero Racing School with him. She is actually a better pilot than her husband, and strives to defend him whenever she races.


Born Monique L'amoreaux, Mrs. Arrow grew up catered to by servants of her wealthy and powerful family. Her father, a businessman in the neuroplastics industry, and her mother, former Vice President of the Milky Way Federation, encouraged her interests, which included everything from linguisticts to music.[1] Her true passion, though, is racing, especially in the F-Zero Grand Prix. A former circuit model [2], Mrs. Arrow became a racer before the accident that led to the Grand Prix's temporary suspension, making friends with many of her competitors, including Octoman (whom she can communicate with in Takoran, his native tongue)[1] and her future husband Super Arrow. When the F-Zero Racing School was founded, she joined her husband in running it, being as she is the better pilot.[3] She continues to race with her husband, both to protect him and to fight evil.

Mrs. Arrow's machine, the Queen Meteor, is the heavier counterpart to her husband's King Meteor. Designed by Professor Hollow and based on the machine Mrs. Arrow piloted in the old Grand Prix, it features good boost and grip capabilities, but has the drawback of a weak body.


Mrs. Arrow is a very tall and muscular woman with long blonde (sometimes red)[3] hair. She wears a dark red bodysuit that covers her completely, save for her head, with a white outer top, boots, purple gloves and a necklace. In some of her appearances, Mrs. Arrow wears a pair of large, dark-blue goggles.[3]

F-Zero games

Mrs. Arrow first appeared in F-Zero X, where she attempted to protect her husband Super Arrow from danger.[3] She has also been a playable character in F-Zero GX, F-Zero: GP Legend, and F-Zero Climax.

In F-Zero Climax, Mrs. Arrow could be unlocked by coming in first place in the Bronze Cup on novice difficulty.[4]

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero X

Mrs. ArrowX.png Mrs. Arrow
No. Age Machine
21 26 Queen Meteor
Instruction manual description
Mrs. Arrow races with her husband Super Arrow. She's a good wife and team member. Actually, her racing experience makes her a better pilot than her husband.
Ending screen

F-Zero GX

GX Mrs. Arrow.png Mrs. Arrow
No. Age Sex Machine Cost Autograph
21 27 Female File:GX-Logo-Queen Meteor.png 12 File:GX-Autograph-Mrs. Arrow.png
In game description
Mrs. Arrow strives to defend her husband, Super Arrow, in and out of the home. She entered the last F-ZERO race to assist her husband, who had no previous experience as a pilot. An F-ZERO circuit model before marriage, she was the first former circuit model to compete as a pilot.

Instruction manual description
Mrs. Arrow strives to defend her husband Super Arrow in and out of the home-- she even entered the last F-ZERO race to assist him. An F-ZERO circuit model before marriage, she was the first former circuit model to compete as a pilot.

Default Black Green Blue
GX Mrs. Arrow Default.png GX Mrs. Arrow Black.png GX Mrs. Arrow Green.png GX Mrs. Arrow Blue.png




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