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Wind Walker

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Wind Walker Logo.png
Wind Walker.jpg
Vehicle information
Pilot Nichi
Vehicle statistics
Max Normal Speed 428 km/h
Max Boost Speed 585 km/h
Boost Time 5.3 sec.
Strength 50/100
Turn Performance A
Turn Balance D
The Wind Walker's pickup graph

The Wind Walker (titled the Crazy Horse in the Japanese version[1]) is Nichi's F-Zero machine in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. It is a brown/light beige car with two big engines on the sides with headlights on the fronts, red and white markings, silver detailing and a big turning fin in the back. It is the weakest armored vehicle in the lineup with a rather short boost, below average balance and is really slow. Despite this, the boost is very powerful, has decent acceleration and takes corners like they're nothing. It is one of four cars available from the start including the Hot Violet, Fire Ball and J. B. Crystal.




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Wind Walker
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