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The engine is the most crucial part of a machine in the F-Zero series, and that is what allows a machine to move. In F-Zero X, F-Zero GX, and F-Zero: GP Legend, the pilot has a chance to change the settings of their engine to have a balance between high acceleration with low top speed and good cornering ability (left of center) vs. low acceleration with high top speed and less cornering ability (right of center). These settings should be based on what course the pilot will be racing. Tracks with lots of turns would benefit from having the slider to the left while tracks with little turning would benefit from having the slider to the right. This screen allows the pilot to see their machine weight, body, boost, and grip ratings. The screen also allows the pilot to change the color of their machine by using L/R/Z buttons. This also affects a Rocket Start's timing in F-Zero: GP Legend only.

The engine plays a role in the Garage in the form of Booster Parts.

The Control Stick can slide the slider quickly whole the D-Pad can slide the slider slowly. This allows for great control over the slider while having room for precision.


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