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Zoda #1

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Zoda #1 is Zoda's first mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Mute City and runs concurrently with Rick Wheeler #2 and Captain Falcon #2.


Zoda gets told by Black Shadow to capture Dr. Clash. After successfully capturing Dr. Clash, Zoda gets caught by Rick Wheeler and Captain Falcon and must escape.

Realizing he is going to get caught, Zoda takes over the nearby Bio Rex's vehicle and swaps Bio Rex into the Death Anchor. Zoda gets away, letting the unconscious Bio Rex distract Rick and Captain Falcon.


Map of the course

The mission takes place in the streets of Mute City. There are many turns, including ones that are sharper than ninety degrees. There is a small shortcut at the start of the race and a few Dash Zones throughout the course. The player starts with a full Boost, and starts ahead of the other two racers. To complete the mission, Zoda needs to beat Rick and Captain Falcon to the finish line. If Zoda falls into second at any point during the mission, the mission is failed.



Unknown: "Yes, I see…"
Unknown: "They'll try to protect Clash…"
Unknown: "He's invented an amazing new F-ZERO technology."
Zoda: "Hah ha ha haah… Understood! Leave it all to me!"
Black Shadow: "Heh heh heh…"
Zoda: "..."
Zoda: "I tried to execute the plan, but something was off."
Clash: "Whoa! Who are you?"
Clash: "Hey! What are you doing! Hands off!"
Zoda: "Well, well, well! Having a tiff? Ha! Don't mind me! Continue!"
Zoda: "What are Rick and Falcon doing together?"
Zoda: "I'm out of here! Can't get busted!"


Zoda: "Whoa! At this rate, they're gonna catch me!"
Zoda: "Ah, perfect timing!"
Rick Wheeler: "ZODA?!? No! That's not Zoda at all!"
Captain Falcon: "That Zoda is a crafty one, huh?"
Zoda: "Hah ha ha hah…"
Zoda: "Think you can catch me so easily? Idiots!"
Zoda: "Bye-bye!"

Mission info[edit]

  • Objective: Get away from Rick and Falcon!
  • Bounty: $200,000,000