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Captain Falcon #2

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Captain Falcon #2 is Captain Falcon's second mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Mute City and runs concurrently with Rick Wheeler #2 (containing the same material from that mission) and Zoda #1.


The mission starts with Rick Wheeler chasing after Zoda through Mute City. As the chase progresses, Captain Falcon shows up saying he is also chasing Zoda. He asks Rick to join him in his chase, which Rick initially declines, saying he is chasing Zoda for his own work. After Captain Falcon continues to push for his help, Rick reluctantly agrees and the two continue chasing after Zoda.


Map of the course

Like with the last mission, the course takes place in the streets of Mute City. There are more turns, including ones that are sharper than ninety degrees. There is a small shortcut at the start of the race and a few Dash Zones throughout the course. The player starts with a full Boost, and starts behind the other two racers. To complete the mission, Captain Falcon or Rick needs to beat Zoda across the finish line.



Rick Wheeler: "Think you can get away, Zoda?"
Rick Wheeler: "No way, pal! You won't escape on my watch!"
Captain Falcon: "Hold up a sec!"
Rick Wheeler: "Hey! You're..."
Captain Falcon: "My name is Captain Falcon."
Captain Falcon: "I'm sure you don't know me. I'm... a bounty hunter."
Captain Falcon: "I'm chasing Zoda for his bounty."
Captain Falcon: "Lucky for me you're here! Want to help out?"
Rick Wheeler: "But I've got my own work to do..."
Captain Falcon: "But this job is perfect for you!"
Captain Falcon: "You WILL help me, won't you?"
Rick Wheeler: "... OK. OK, I will..."


Captain Falcon: "Be careful! Who knows what he'll try to do!"
Rick Wheeler: "I don't need you to tell me about this guy."
Rick Wheeler: "I have a 150-year history with him."
Captain Falcon: "150 years?"
Captain Falcon: "Hey! What the..."
Rick Wheeler: "ZODA?!? No! That's not Zoda at all!"
Captain Falcon: "That Zoda is a crafty one, huh?"
Captain Falcon: "Capturing him may prove tougher than I thought..."
Rick Wheeler: "Arrrgh!!!! I'll get you, Zoda! I swear it!"

Mission info

  • Objective: Rick or Falcon must finish before Zoda!
  • Bounty: $100,000,000