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Samurai Goroh #4

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Samurai Goroh #4 is Samurai Goroh's fourth mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Sand Ocean and runs concurrently with Black Shadow #3.


Samurai Goroh continues his search at Sand Ocean. As he looks around, Black Shadow pulls up alongside him. Samurai Goroh, not realizing who came up, taunts the pilot. Once he realizes the person he taunted is Black Shadow, he considers making an escape.

After escaping Black Shadow, Black Shadow commends Goroh's racing skills. Upon lamenting his bad luck for meeting Black Shadow outside of a race, Goroh realizes the next Grand Prix at Silence is where he needs to go to find his target: Antonio Guster.


Course map

The mission takes place on a unique track for Sand Ocean filled with several turns. Many of these turns are U-turns, with several Motion Strips. After the second U-turn is a serpentine path with Motion Strips leading toward the walls, with a Pit after the following U-turns. The next two U-turns have Motion Strips immediately afterward, and there are several small Motion Strips in a crossing grid pattern after the final U-turn. The end of the course is a large straight path with several patches of Rough dirt.

The race is only between Samurai Goroh and Black Shadow, Goroh starting in first. The player starts off with Boost power, but Black Shadow's slow speed can result in the player not needing to use it unless they fall behind. By beating Black Shadow to the finish line, the mission is completed.



Samurai Goroh: "Sheesh... This is one remote planet! He MUST be here!"
Samurai Goroh: "Yeah, he's the only one left that could have poisoned me..."
Samurai Goroh: "Hey, punk!"
Samurai Goroh: "Passing the great Samurai Goroh..."
Samurai Goroh: "...without so much as a greeting! Are you brave, or just plain stupid?"
Samurai Goroh: "Hey! Is that...! Black Shadow?"
Black Shadow: "So, Samurai Goroh. Interesting indeed!"
Black Shadow: "I shall make you one of my underlings!"
Samurai Goroh: "Crud! Bumping into a psycho like him... Today isn't my day!"
Samurai Goroh: "Hmmm... For now..."
Samurai Goroh: "For the moment... I'll just run away!"


Black Shadow: "Who would've thought he could shake me?"
Black Shadow: "Goroh, your skill is commendable!"
Black Shadow: "We'll meet again!"
Samurai Goroh: "Yeahhhhh!!!"
Samurai Goroh: "Hoo! That was close!"
Samurai Goroh: "A few more feet and he would've caught me!"
Samurai Goroh: "Meeting him outside of a race... I have no luck at all!"
Samurai Goroh: "What's that??? That's it! The race!"
Samurai Goroh: "Yes! Guster will definitely enter the Grand Prix!"
Samurai Goroh: "The race at Silence!"

Mission info[edit]

  • Objective: Get away from Black Shadow!
  • Bounty: $300,000,000