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Samurai Goroh #3

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Samurai Goroh #3 is Samurai Goroh's third mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Red Canyon and runs concurrently with Captain Falcon #3.


The mission starts with Captain Falcon encountering his rival, Samurai Goroh, who stops Captain Falcon during his hunt for Zoda. Samurai Goroh claims that Captain Falcon tried to poison him and makes a bet with him for the antidote he assumes Captain Falcon has. Captain Falcon, just wanting to continue his mission, accepts Samurai Goroh's bet.

After defeating Captain Falcon, Samurai Goroh boasts about his victory, saying this was his tenth victory against Captain Falcon. Falcon retaliates saying Goroh lost a hundred thirty-five times, but Goroh brushes it off by claiming Captain Falcon is too weak to have been the one to poison him. Goroh leaves and Falcon wonders if he left satisfied with his victory, implying he let Goroh win to make him leave sooner.


Course map

The race takes place on a unique variant of Red Canyon named Red Canyon: Seven-Corner Speedway. Samurai Goroh starts in second place of ten racers. The objective is to beat Captain Falcon to the finish line, regardless of what the final placement of the machines are, though Captain Falcon will try to hold his first place position. The race consists of five laps. However, the player will not gain any Boost power to use during the race.

Red Canyon: Seven-Corner Speedway has, as the name implies, seven sharp corners, ranging from 90 degree turns to full U-turns. Directly in front of the starting line are two Pits to restore lost Energy before leading into the first turn. After the third turn is a long Pit with a Dash Zone at the start of it. After the fourth turn and going into the fifth turn are Rough patches, which are also placed along the sides of the road after the sixth turn. After the seventh turn is a Dash Zone leading into the finish line.



Samurai Goroh: "What's up, Falcon?"
Samurai Goroh: "Courtesy calls from you are rare!"
Captain Falcon: "I'm hunting a rat."
Captain Falcon: "I didn't want to run into you..."
Samurai Goroh: "WHAT?"
Samurai Goroh: "That's no way to greet me after trying to poison me, now, is it?"
Captain Falcon: "Poison? What are you talking about?"
Samurai Goroh: "You would say that! I'm no fool, Falcon! Let's settle this!"
Samurai Goroh: "If I win, you hand over all of the antidote that you have!!!"
Captain Falcon: "And if I win, you give me info..."


Samurai Goroh: "Yeee-haaaaw!"
Samurai Goroh: "Now I'm up to 10 wins versus Falcon!"
Captain Falcon: "You may have 10 wins, but you also have 135 losses!"
Samurai Goroh: "No way a weakling like you could have poisoned me!"
Samurai Goroh: "Someone else must have done it!"
Samurai Goroh: "Whoever did it is dead meat!!!"
Captain Falcon: "..."
Captain Falcon: "I wonder if he went away satisfied..."

Mission info

  • Objective: Beat Captain Falcon in the race. Be careful: you have no boost!
  • Bounty: $500,000,000