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Samurai Goroh #1

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Samurai Goroh #1 is Samurai Goroh's first mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Red Canyon.


Samurai Goroh starts by taunting someone as he pulls into the race, claiming to have a bet with them. Before the race begins, Goroh gets attacked and starts to feel dizzy. Even in this state, Goroh is determined to win the race.

Three days after winning the race, Samurai Goroh's condition continues to worsen. He finds out someone installed a poison needle in his cockpit and he has five days to find the antidote.


Course Map

The race takes place on Red Canyon: Junction. It is a standard five-lap race with six participants, Goroh starting in fourth. To simulate Goroh's dizziness, the Fire Stingray's cornering is lowered for this race, which makes sharp turns and traction control more difficult. The mission's objective is to finish in first place. Frequent use of Boosts and Side Attacks to take corners will help the player gain the lead. Rebounding off of certain walls can also help keep the machine on track.



Samurai Goroh: "Hey, bonehead!!!"
Samurai Goroh: "Lose this race and you better pay up!"
Samurai Goroh: "Huh huh huh..."
Samurai Goroh: "I'm gonna make a mint today!!"
Samurai Goroh: "OUCH!!!...?"
Samurai Goroh: "(Wha- What? Oog... I feel dizzy...)"
Samurai Goroh: "(This guy is trouble.)"
Samurai Goroh: "(The race is starting!)"


Half-unconscious, Samurai Goroh still won the race. But 3 days later he was close to death! And then...

Samurai Goroh: "Are you serious?!?"
Samurai Goroh: "Some scum planted a poison needle in my machine's cockpit!"
Samurai Goroh: "Unforgivable!"
Samurai Goroh: "I need... the antidote!!!"
Samurai Goroh: "If I don't get the antidote, I'll die in five days!!!"
Samurai Goroh: "I gotta find the creep responsible!"
Samurai Goroh: "As if the invincible Samurai Goroh..."
Samurai Goroh: "...would die in a wasteland like this!"

Mission info[edit]

  • Objective: Win the race in this tough-to-handle machine.
  • Bounty: $500,000,000


  • Samurai Goroh #1 is the only mission in the game where no other characters make an appearance during dialogue.