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Rick Wheeler #3

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Rick starts the Grand Prix

Rick Wheeler #3 is Rick Wheeler's third mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Fire Field.


Captain Falcon begins by asking more about Rick's past. Rick explains he used to be a detective and was chasing after Zoda a hundred-fifty years ago. The two of them crashed in an unspecified incident and both awoke from a cold sleep in the current era. Afterward, Captain Falcon notes that Zoda will likely be attending the next Grand Prix, to which Rick immediately goes to register for at Fire Field.

Despite winning the Grand Prix race, Rick finds out that Zoda did not attend. While contemplating his next step, Rick gets a call from Jack Levin, who Rick makes fun of by nicknaming him "Margaret", exclaiming that Jody Summer has been abducted. Rick then heads to Port Town to find more information.


Map of the course

The objective of the mission is to win the race. The race takes place on Fire Field: Blast Track and there are sixteen participants, Rick starting in fourth. By avoiding the mines and timing their boost, the player will be able to gain the lead easily.



Captain Falcon: "You really have a 150-year history with Zoda?"
Rick Wheeler: "I was a detective."
Rick Wheeler: "I was chasing him 150 years ago. We crashed and died."
Rick Wheeler: "But somehow..."
Rick Wheeler: "We both woke from a frozen sleep in this era."
Rick Wheeler: "And so, I'm still chasing him."
Rick Wheeler: "So, Captain Falcon, I don't care how famous you are..."
Rick Wheeler: "I won't just give up Zoda to you!"
Captain Falcon: "OK, OK. So Zoda gets cash from the Grand Prix..."
Captain Falcon: "He'll surely be at the next one. I'd bet anything!"
Rick Wheeler: "Really?!?"
Rick Wheeler: "In that case, I gotta go register right away!"
Rick Wheeler: "Captain Falcon! We'll meet again!"
Announcer: "Grand Prix time! Rookie Rick Wheeler is one to watch!"


Announcer: "Rick Wheeler wins!"
Rick Wheeler: "Darn it all! No Zoda?"
Rick Wheeler: "Guess I'm back to square one..."
Rick Wheeler: "Huh? Sounds like Margaret calling!"
Jack Levin: "Hey! Rick! Where the heck are you?"
Rick Wheeler: "Jack!!!"
Jack Levin: "This is awful!"
Jack Levin: "Somebody has abducted Jody!"
Rick Wheeler: "Abducted?!? Jack, are you serious?"
Jack Levin: "No time now! Just get over here! Understood?"

Mission info[edit]

  • Objective: Win the race.
  • Bounty: $500,000,000