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Black Shadow #1

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Black Shadow #1 is Black Shadow's first mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Red Canyon and runs concurrently with Lisa Brilliant #1, though from Black Shadow's perspective.


Black Shadow watches as Lisa Brilliant enters the Grand Prix on Red Canyon. Believing her to be a valuable asset to his group, Black Shadow takes part in the race with the intent of ruining Lisa's victory.

After the race, due to the damage her vehicle has sustained, Lisa Brilliant swerves into a guardrail after the finish line. She exits her machine unharmed, but appears to have no idea where she is and what happened to her. Black Shadow says, to himself, that he has successfully stolen Lisa's memory and wants to keep an eye on her.


Course Map

The mission takes place on Red Canyon: Peak Jump. It is a standard five-lap race with sixteen participants, Black Shadow starting in fourth. The objective is to do a Side Attack on Lisa and then finish the race. Lisa starts in first place, and will usually hit a wall pretty quickly and fall behind. Black Shadow does not need to finish in first place, the only goal is to attack Lisa. If Black Shadow crosses the finish line without attacking Lisa, the mission will fail.



Black Shadow: "So that's Lisa… Lisa Brilliant."
Announcer: "Lisa Brilliant, the speeding jewel…"
Announcer: "Will today be her day for victory?"
Black Shadow: "Very interesting…"
Black Shadow: "She'd make a great underling…"


Announcer: "What's this?"
Announcer: "Lisa's craft seems to be swerving…"
Announcer: "What's wrong with Brilliant?!?"
Announcer: "AIIIIIGH!!!"
Announcer: "Lisa has crashed after the race!"
Announcer: "Her machine has smashed a guardrail past the goal line!"
Announcer: "Whoa!!! It's OK, folks! Lisa is OK!"
Announcer: "She's uninjured! She's on her feet!"
Lisa Brilliant: "Wha... What... happened to me?"
Lisa Brilliant: "Where am I?"
Lisa Brilliant: "Huh???"
Black Shadow: "Heh heh heh…"
Black Shadow: "I've stolen Lisa Brilliant's memory."
Black Shadow: "I think I'll watch her for a while…"

Mission info[edit]

  • Objective: Do a Side Attack on Lisa's machine!
  • Bounty: $500,000,000