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Release dates
North America November 19, 2006
Japan December 2, 2006
Europe December 8, 2006
Australia December 7, 2006
Manufacturer Nintendo
Media Wii optical disk, GameCube disk
Predecessor Nintendo GameCube
Successor Wii U
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The Wii is Nintendo's fifth console which was first released on November 19, 2006, notably featuring motion controls and backwards compatibility with the Nintendo GameCube. The console also featured more robust networking capabilities compared to its predecessor, using Nintendo's own Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, allowing for online play and the ability to download older games from past Nintendo consoles via the Virtual Console service; among the games included for download were F-Zero games.


The Wii was designed to be a unique console, as to distinguish it from its potential rivals in the seventh generation of gaming. To this end, while the Wii did support full-sized DVDs, added considerably deeper network capabilities than the GameCube, and slightly improved the hardware between the two consoles, the Wii also notably featured motion controls via its unique controller, the Wii Remote, as to provide creativity for game developers that other consoles could not offer; the motion controls were hoped to allow developers to think of ways to not only incorporate them into games, but to also consider designing games for both casual and hardcore audiences.

In addition to the Wii, scaled-down models were later released; the Family Edition removed backwards compatibility with the GameCube, and the Wii Mini, which removed a number of other features, such as SD card support.

The Wii featured a number of critically acclaimed games and sold 102 million units worldwide by the time it was discontinued in 2013, despite criticisms over its controller and technical capabilities compared to its competitors. It was the best-selling console of the seventh generation, as well as the best-selling Nintendo console since the NES.

F-Zero games

No original F-Zero games were released on Wii, but two F-Zero games, F-Zero and F-Zero X games were released on Virtual Console. The original model of the Wii was also backwards compatible with GameCube games, controllers, and memory cards; as a result, it can be used to play F-Zero GX.

In addition to the above, Captain Falcon appeared as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and a demo of F-Zero is playable in the game. Captain Falcon's vehicle, Blue Falcon, also made an appearance as a usable vehicle in Mario Kart Wii

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