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Zoda #5

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Zoda #5 is Zoda's fifth and final mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Big Blue and runs concurrently with Rick Wheeler #5 and Jack Levin #5.


Zoda joins the Grand Prix at Big Blue. At the starting line, he banters with Rick Wheeler, telling him he should worry about himself. Jack Levin, who is also racing, comes to tell Rick that he noticed someone had messed with the brakes on the Dragon Bird, preventing Rick from braking. Zoda races to outmatch both opponents.

After winning the race, Zoda gloats about his success, saying the showdown between him and Rick has finally ended. During his gloating, his machine begins to explode, his machine having been damaged. Black Shadow comes to collect Zoda, saying he is near-death.


Map of the course

The race takes place on Big Blue: Slip Highway. It is a standard five-lap race with twenty-two participants, Zoda starting in fourth. Rick starts in first and Jack starts in second. The mission objective is to beat them both to the finish line. If either one beats Zoda to the finish line, the mission is failed.



Announcer: "Grand Prix time!"
Announcer: "Zoda, the King of Ruin, has entered!"
Announcer: "Who knows what carnage will ensue?"
Rick Wheeler: "Zoda… At last, you're mine!"
Rick Wheeler: "I'm gonna win this race and put you away!"
Zoda: "Ha ha haaah…"
Zoda: "You worry about me too much."
Zoda: "You should worry about yourself!"
Zoda: "Once the race begins, you'll know what I mean!"
Jack Levin: "Rick! Oh no!!!"
Jack Levin: "Your Dragon Bird! Someone…"
Jack Levin: "Someone meddled with the brakes on your Dragon Bird!"
Rick Wheeler: "What?!? Zoda!!! It must have been him!"
Zoda: "Ha ha haah… The detective has an annoying friend!"
Zoda: "I'll have to take care of them both!"
Announcer: "Well, well…"
Announcer: "All machines are ready to go!"


Zoda: "HAAA!!! HAAAA!!! YES! I won! I won!"
Zoda: "Poor detective! I've won our 150-year showdown!"
Zoda: "Ahh ha ha ha!"
Zoda: "AAARGH!!!"
Announcer: "Zoda's machine has suddenly erupted in flames!"
Announcer: "What in the world will become of him?"
Rick Wheeler: "I guess he didn't notice his machine had been damaged!"
Rick Wheeler: "Zoda, you are one unlucky worm!"
Black Shadow: "Fool…"
Black Shadow: "Zoda, you must know… You are close to death."
Black Shadow: "Whether you live or die is entirely up to you!"

After the race, Zoda's crimes did not cease… At this moment somewhere, his hand is doing evil…

Mission info[edit]

  • Objective: Beat Rick and Jack in the race!
  • Bounty: $500,000,000