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Captain Falcon's Twister Race

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Logo of Captain Falcon's Twister Race

Captain Falcon's Twister Race is a single-player minigame within Wii U game Nintendo Land. It is based upon the racing aspect of the F-Zero series.



The player's Mii controls a clockwork version of the Blue Falcon through an F-Zero course. The goal of the game is to reach the end of the course, hitting checkpoints along the way to ensure time does not run out. There are other machines racing, though these do not move particularly quickly, and can damage the player if they run into them. It would not matter if one of these machines crossed the finish line before the Blue Falcon, as the only objective of the game is to reach the end of the course. The player can guide the Blue Falcon over boost pads and ramps, and the courses have Mario-style invincibility stars scattered throughout, which temporarily allow the player to safely drive through any obstacle. As the player progresses, various other obstacles will appear on the track, such as twisters that slow down the Blue Falcon, spikes, bombs that cause an instant Game Over if hit, pillars, and long vehicles.

After the player successfully completes all 12 areas of the course for the first time, they will be rewarded with a star above the attraction's entrance. The next time the player clears all 12 areas, they can continue playing to face a subsequent 12 Extra Areas.


The player must hold the GamePad controller vertically, and turn the GamePad to steer the Blue Falcon through the course. The GamePad's screen displays an overhead view of the track.

Names in other languages

Thrills, Twists and Turns

Language Name Meaning
Japanese C・ファルコンのツイスターレース
C farukon no tsuisutārēsu
C(aptain) Falcon's Twister Race
Dutch Captain Falcons wervelende race Captain Falcon's swirling race
French La course sinueuse de Captain Falcon Captain Falcon's winding race
German Captain Falcons rasantes Rennen Captain Falcon's raging Race
Italian Il circuito mozzafiato di Captain Falcon Captain Falcon's breathtaking course
Portuguese Corrida Estonteante do Captain Falcon Captain Falcon's Stunning race
Russian Гонки капитана Фэлкона
Gonki kapitana Felkona
Captain Falcon's race
Spanish La vertiginosa carrera de Captain Falcon Captain Falcon's vertiginous race